Breanne Welsh

Public Relations and Advertising

Hi and thanks for checking out my website! My name is Breanne and I am currently a sophomore studying at Saint Joseph's University in the beautiful city of Philadelphia. I am majoring in communications with a minor in advertising and promotions. I pride myslef in being involved on campus as a Weekly Service leader as well as the Public Relations Coordinator and Greek Council Delegate for Alpha Gamma Delta.

As I picture myself in my desired work field, I am surrounded by creativity and movement. Working to please a client requires attention to detail and listening to their wants and needs. It is important to brainstorm new ideas and offer new tactics in order to stay current and connected. As a public relations coordinator or advertising and promotions manager, it is imperative to keep the relationship strong between a client or company and their customers. I believe that this job requires someone who is organized, detail oriented, responsible, creative and hard working.

The goal is to maintain positive visibility with the public and existing consumers through creative strategies, events, and advertisements. This can be achieved through social media with the use of Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and other platforms that reach the public and attract greater audiences. These platforms can be used to promote brands, products, and even events.

It is important that one in this field is extremely familiar with the brand and product they are representing so they are able to promote it to the best of their abilities. As a public relations coordinator for my sorority, it is my job to take advantage of these resources, as well as plan events and activities that get our name on campus and make sure that we are seen in a positive light that accentuates what we stand for and what we believe in. I believe that public relations or advertising and promotion are fields that I would excel in.

My Resume (updated 5/2/2017)